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Digité May 2021 Newsletter

It’s been about two decades since Agile as an ideology was born. Utilizing incremental and quick delivery via small release cycles and breaking down a task into multiple steps to

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Digité April 2021 Newsletter

The rise of Artificial Intelligence in every possible field has been monumental in recent years. It has changed our day-to-day lives completely – from a Google search prompt to voice

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Swiftenterprise 8.0

SwiftEnterprise 8.0 Release Webinar

We’re excited to announce the release of SwiftEnterprise 8.0! We’ve always delivered world-class Lean-Agile capabilities that helped you manage agile projects and programs effectively. But with the increasing challenge of

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Digité March 2021 Newsletter

As we move slowly but steadily towards business and economic recovery, we can’t help but acknowledge the impact that last year had on us, and our organizations. For most of

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kanban konversation

Kanban Konversations

This webinar is a conversation about Kanban between our CTO, Dr Ramesh Patil (KCP), our Co-founder & CMO Mahesh Singh (AKT/ KCP).  We have answered any and all audience questions

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kanban survey

First State of Kanban Survey

Update: The report is available for download here: We are excited to sponsor the very first #StateofKanban survey ever, in collaboration with Kanban University. This survey is an attempt

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Digité February 2021 Newsletter

Remote work is here to stay. However, how does one lead and motivate teams without direct in-person communication and guidance? In this month’s newsletter we share some articles that show

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Digité January 2021 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter is a mixed bag of stories of successful transformations, thoughts on change and some actionable insights on achieving your objectives. We hope you like it!

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