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Digité September 2021 Newsletter

Achieving Flow in your teams’ work – and in fact the overall organization – has been gaining ground over the last several years. Adopting Lean and Flow principles has become

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Balancing Predictability with Flow

KPIs for software delivery leaders used to be mainly with regards to meeting delivery dates without compromising on quality – there was a lot of emphasis on predictable delivery. Nowadays,

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Digité August 2021 Newsletter

It’s a month of celebration at Digité, as SwiftKanban turns 10! Exactly a decade ago, SwiftKanban, a project very dear to everyone at Digité, made a small, yet inspired entry

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Sustainable Agility

“Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility.” – Principle 9 of the Agile Manifesto. Unlike the various frameworks on behavioral aspects of Agile; technical agility is not

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Enterprise Agility with SwiftEnterprise

Agile methods have helped in improving team performances. Adopting the right tool-set that helps in implementing the right development and management discipline is critical for its successful adoption across all

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Digité July 2021 Newsletter

The importance of Agile ceremonies, whether you are doing Scrum or and Kanban cannot be overemphasized. By facilitating regular and frequent communication amongst team members and stakeholders, these ceremonies ensure

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DevOps in the Value Stream

DevOps, as often implemented in many organizations, has a fairly narrow focus – we look at the engineering improvements that are possible, and pay much lesser attention to alignment across

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Digité June 2021 Newsletter

Did you know that Digité is an acronym for ‘Digital Transformation of the Enterprise’? That is a bit of trivia we have talked about on our website! We have facilitated organizations

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