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Kanban – Beyond IT and Software

One of the important contributors to the success of several organizations is alignment of IT strategy with Business for achieving Corporate Goals. If Reduced Waste and Smooth Flow (or streamlined

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Digite sponsors Lean SSC Conference 2012

Lean Software and Systems Conference is the premier worldwide conference for Lean/ Agile thought leaders, practitioners and technology providers to get together to exchange ideas, learn from others’s experience and

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Who Owns Kanban?

Lean Kanban University logoLean Kanban University accredited Kanban training program there has been some commentary questioning whether I and LKU have the right to assert ourselves with such authority. These issues are worth addressing. The questioners suggest whether I invented Kanban or own it and if not then what gives LKU legitimacy to trade as we intend to do, offering standardized accredited training delivered by accredited trainers? While these questions are coming from outside the community and it would be easy to dismiss them as coming from disgruntled people with an axe to grind or sour grapes to squash, I believe the questions are worth addressing.

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