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DevOps is More Than CI+CD (tools)

DevOps has been gaining traction across all software teams across organization. Most teams focus on two specific areas: Tools deployment around CI and CD Culture integration between Development and Operations

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Muda in Kanban System

Digite May 2017 Newsletter

10 Factors to Consider for your Kanban Board Design Trying to figure out the right design for your Kanban Board? Remember, there is no perfect Kanban board! Mahesh Singh, Digité

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SwiftKanban Feature Update Release – May 2017

swiftkanban updateThe SwiftKanban update for May 2017 comes with several new features and enhancements. Here are the highlights of this update: Discard and Abort capturing in SwiftKanban, Card default attributes made configurable, Estimates as UoM in Planning Release Capacity and Burndown Chart & More!

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Kanban Board

Digite April 2017 Newsletter

Kanban: When Is It Appropriate? Kanban may not be appropriate at all times. But it is very effective when certain conditions exist! In this series of blog posts, Kanban pioneer

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