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How Agile are we? - Webinar

Webinar: How Agile Are We?

Answering the question “How Agile Are We?” is typically done by auditing and reporting practice adoption. At LoyaltyOne, the customer loyalty platform behind brands such as AirMiles, they wanted a

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Webinar: What Successful Agile Teams Do

The success of Agile has traditionally depended on the people and processes within an organization. Without communication and feedback, even the most qualified individuals will not succeed as a team.

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Digite June 2019 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter features Story Points, Estimates and Due Dates. And a decent primer on the ever controversial, at least in the Agile Software development world, #noestimates movement 🙂  

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Kanban vs Scrum

Digite May 2019 Newsletter

A recent study reported that 37% of the developers they surveyed used Scrum, 21% had an Agile-waterfall hybrid and 20% used Kanban. Another interesting finding was that the adoption of

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Digite April 2019 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter covers the topic of Kanban, providing insightful articles on applying Kanban to a traditional SDLC process, using Upstream Kanban for backlog grooming, aligning strategy to execution, and

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Reduction of Errors

Digite March 2019 Newsletter

In today’s world, decisions are increasingly augmented, and in many cases actually made, by an AI/ ML system. The availability of cheap computing power and increased access to state-of-the-art algorithms

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Digite February 2019 Newsletter

Agile works. We’ve known it for some time. But, most stories about its success revolve around software development and how it has helped teams in IT. In this month’s newsletter

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