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Comprehensive Guide to Kanban and Agile

Backlog Refinement

Backlog Refinement

Backlog refinement is an essential process to keep your Product Backlog in good shape. In this article you’ll learn what it is, why it is important, and what it all entails.

Burndown Chart: What It Is + What It Does & Doesn’t Tell You

Learn what a burndown chart is. Its advantages and limitations. What a burndown chart can tell you about how you’re progressing and what it can’t.
Application Migration Services

Lead Time & Cycle Time Metrics: What Do They Reveal?

The terms lead time and cycle time are often heard in Kanban style software development. This article will tell you what they are and what you can learn from them about your software development process.
Team Work

Definition of Done – The What and Why and How to Grow One

Learn what a Definition of Done, DoD for short, is, how to benefit from it, what mistakes to avoid, and how to grow and adopt one successfully.
Acceptance testing

Acceptance Testing: The What and Why

This article will fill you in on acceptance testing. What it is and why you need it. As well as the types of acceptance tests and when and how to perform them.
Unit Test Frameworks

Unit Testing: A Tutorial on What It Is, How To Do It + Tools To Use

Reading this article you’ll learn what unit testing is and what characterizes a unit test. You’ll find out their purpose and benefits and learn about the best practices and common pitfalls of unit testing.
scaled agile

6 Scaled Agile Frameworks – Which One Is Right For You?

You’ve set your first steps in agile development.

Maybe you’ve run a pilot with a single team and want to leverage the benefits to more teams.

Maybe you already have several teams working according to agile principles and you’ve run