Swiftly’s unique Board Playback feature allows users to play back the board for a past time period and observe patterns of flow. It actually animates a playback of the changes like a deck of cards flying through: card getting created, cards being assigned to people, being pulled and getting archived.

Selecting a date range using the Temporal Filter range and the value stream shows you a complete replay of events that took place during the period for the cards on the board (i.e. excluding the Backlog and the Archive Lanes).

View the replay of events to identify flow problems in your process.

  • Click the Play/Pause button on the toolbar at the bottom, which is a toggle button to pause and play again.
  • Click the Speed Toggle Buttons to control the speed of the playback to increase it to 2x, 4x, 8x, and reduce it back up to 1x.
  • The Date Slider shows progress and also can be dragged to push the playback forward or backward.


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