The Dashboard in Swiftly provides you a quick, specific and focused snapshot of key metrics. So, even if you don’t have time to go through the individual charts and gather information, the Dashboard will display key takeaways from each of this analytics and help you evaluate the current workflow.

You can further refine the metrics based on the Temporal Range filter and Filter pane. So, as you refine the start and end date using the Temporal Range Filter or select specific values and value streams like Time Unit, Color by and other in the Filter pane, the summaries metrics in the Dashboard get refreshed and rendered accordingly.

  • Average Demand is the average number of cards entering the selected region of the value-stream within the Temporal Range.
  • Average Capacity is the average number of cards exiting the selected region of the value stream within the Temporal Range.
  • Average Cycle Time is the average time the cards spent in moving back and forth in the selected region of the value-stream within the Temporal Range.  The probability lists out the probability % of the completing certain number of cards based on the current cycle time.
  • Average WIP is the time-weighted average, which is the total time spent by all the cards in the selected region of the value-stream normalized by the time unit within the Temporal Range.
  • Average age:  At any given point in time we a number of cards in a queue — we average the amount of time these cards have spent in the queue so far.  (Very similar to the average age in the CFD tooltip.  Average age is applicable to all types of queues or to an active region of the queue.  And the time is elapsed time.
  • Monte Carlo: 28 Day Forecast:  This is 28-day forecast based on the reference data selected in the temporal range.



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