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What’s New in 8.1

Integration with MS Teams

If you use MS Teams, you can now have your favorite SwiftKanban board open in one of its tabs, just a mouse click away.  No more navigating to a separate browser to check what you are supposed to be working on, next!  Imagine collaborating with your team on Teams AND SwiftKanban within one window!

Not only that, but you can also now perform various SwiftKanban board operations directly from MS Teams.  Once you integrate SwiftKanban with MS Teams, you can add, update, or move cards and so on right from within Teams. It will not only save you time and effort but also make working with SwiftKanban easier.

To learn more about the integration with MS Teams, please see this Help page.
Note: The SwiftKanban app will soon be available in the app store of MS Teams. Meanwhile, If you wish to try out the app in MS Teams now, you can download its Beta version via the App Studio.

Introducing Three New REST APIs

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