Important Information: By reading this Help page, you will get to know how to manage the Creating and managing Board Templates in the New Board Layout. If you want to perform the same in the Old Board layout, see this Help page.

Templates in SwiftKanban are ready-to-use Board models (comprising of  Lane Settings, Card Types, and Board Policies) that you can select while creating a Board. Template in SwiftKanban can be a great feature when you plan to perform any of these tasks:

  • Save the time and effort of manually creating the Kanban board from scratch.
  • Reuse any existing Kanban board as a template to create a similar type of board in the future.

You can use the Template feature in SwiftKanban to perform various tasks, such as:

Create a Board Template

To add a template at the Admin level, perform the following task:

      1. From the top menu, click the More Options more options iconicon > Admin Settings.  On the Admin Settings page, click the TEMPLATE MANAGEMENT tile. The Templates page is displayed.
      2. On the Templates page, click the Create icon on the Side toolbar.Add Templates widget3. Enter the Template name and description, and click the Create button. The Kanban Board for the template is displayed. 

 Note: The newly created template is active by default.

Defining Templates at the Board Level

In the Kanban Board of the Template, you can perform the following tasks:

Define the process on the board or enable  Lanes, by clicking the Board Editor []button. For detailed help, see Visualize Your Workflow/Process help page for defining the process on the Kanban Board.

To configure the card types, go to Board Editor, and then click the Card Types icon. To know more about how to define card types, see the Configuring Card Types help page.

To configure Board Policies, go to Board Editor, and click the Other Policies icon. To know more about various policies on cards and WIP limit, see the Configuring Board Policies help page.

To view the card colors for configured card types in the template, click the Legend [] button.

On saving the workflow and returning to the Kanban Board of the template, the board displays the new process and the dummy cards for the card types are configured. The template is now available for creating boards based on a template.

To deactivate a template, click the Deactivate [] icon on the Side toolbar, the template will not be available for selection when creating a Board.


Editing the Template

You can make changes to a template profile and Kanban Board, however, the changes do not flow down to the existing boards using the template.

To edit a template, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Admin Settings > TEMPLATE MANAGEMENT tile. The Templates page is displayed.
  2. On the Templates page, double-click the template that you want to modify.
  3. To edit the Template Profile, hover on the breadcrumb, and then click the Profile option.
  4. In the Profile, you can edit the template details such as name, and description, enter comments,  upload, download, or delete attachments and also remove the template itself by clicking the Delete button.
  5. To edit the Kanban Board of the template, hover on the breadcrumb and click Kanban Board from the menu. Click the Board Editor icon on the toolbar. It takes you to the Board Settings page. Make changes to the Board and save. 
  6. To deactivate a template, from the Kanban Board view of that template, click the Deactivate deactivate template icon icon from the side toolbar. The Template will be deactivated. To reactivate the same template, click the Activatereactivate template icon icon from the side toolbar.

edit templates page

Note: The factory-shipped Thanksgiving Template is not listed in the Templates List view and cannot be edited. It can be previewed and selected when creating a board only.

Save Existing Board as Template

You can save an existing board as a template. This can be later used for creating a new board with the pre-configured board, card types, and board policies.

  1. From the top menu, click the More Options more options iconicon > Admin Settings.  On the Admin Settings page, click the ALL BOARDS tile. The All Accounts Board page is displayed.
  2. Select the required board and click the Save As Template icon on the toolbar.

save board as template page

  1. In the Create New Template window, provide the Template Name and Description and save this as a template.
  2. Navigate to Admin Settings > TEMPLATE MANAGEMENT tile. On the Templates page, view this newly created template and edit it, if required.

Thanksgiving Template

Thanksgiving each year is a big occasion for family and friends – to get together, eat, drink, and be merry – and of course, be grateful for what we have!

SwiftKanban provides a ‘ready-to-use’ Thanksgiving Template that can be used for any party planning, birthday bash, or holidaying. Give it a whirl and don’t forget to tell us how the visual planning helped you.

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