You can reopen a closed Board from the My Board page at the Organization (Org.) level.  Note that you must have the Admin role at the Org. level to reopen a closed Board.

Moreover, remember that the number of Boards you can add or reopen depends on your subscribed Board licenses. If you exceed that number, you cannot add any new Board or reopen a closed Board. In that case, Create Board and Reopen Board icons will not be visible to the user.

Note: Any closed Board is not counted as a part of the Board license. For example, if you have the license to add 4 Boards and you currently have 3 Active Boards and 1 Closed Board, then you still can add another Board or reopen that closed Board.


To reopen a closed Board, you must have the Account Admin or Organization (Org.) Admin role.

Reopening Board

    1. Navigate to the All Boards listing page via Recent Boards > View All, via Admin > My Boards, or via Admin > All Accounts Admin.
    2. On the My Boards page, select the closed Board that you want to reopen and click the Reopen Board icon from the side toolbar, enter the reason in the textbox for reopening the Board, and then click Save.
      Note: By default, the filter is applied on the Status column to display the Active Boards only.  Modify the filter to include the Closed Boards also.

3. Once the Board is reopened, it is recommended that the Admin changes the role of one Board member from Reader to                     Manager so that he/she can manage all Board related admin tasks.

Post-Reopen Impact

  • When a Board is successfully reopened, all the artifacts under it also gets opened and editable. That means you can ideally perform all the tasks that you can in an active Board like add card, add user, create release or sprints and so on.
  • If you had previously subscribed to the card notifications for a Board before its closure, then once it is reopened, you will start getting all the pending notifications.
  • If you had subscribed notifications for the Board-wise, lane-wise and team-wise events of a Board before its closure, then the subscription will get active once the Board is reopened.
  • All the time-driven Analytics like Cycle Time, Flow Efficiency, Cycle Time Forecast, Cumulative Flow Diagram with prediction and others will take into account the entire closure period of a reopened Board for calculating time.
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