*** This is an Add-On licensed feature. Please contact us at sales@digite.com to know how to avail it.

It is business critical to have a clear idea about when you will complete a given piece of work before you commit for it. Often, we over or underestimate a work that leads to an unwanted imbalance in the ecosystem and misses its deadline. Further, we know that Kanban systems expose the low Flow Efficiency of the system. In other words, work items spend more time waiting than being worked upon. This means that the estimated effort to complete a work item is not a strong determinant of when that work item will complete.

SwiftKanban now gives teams the capability to see the most likely date of completion of any given work item (card). This is computed from the time that the card is pulled from the first “non-Ready” lane. SwiftKanban tracks the past CT for a similar card and takes your %s level of confidence that you want to associate with for predicting future cards. For example, for a Critical Customer Defect, you might want to see a % CT forecast that is based on 95% level of confidence. In contrast, for a User Story with Intangible CoS, you are adequate with a CT that has a 50% level of confidence.

The percentage value is calculated based on the following method:

  1. The system calculates the average cycle time of previous 50 or more cards of a particular card type. We do not predict an Expected Date of Completion if there are less than 50 cards that have been completed/archived.
  2. By default, SwiftKanban considers 80% confidence level from the CT distribution (how many cards are completed in what cycle time bucket) and forecasts the Expected Date of Completion of a newly added card of similar card type.

Few important things to remember:

  • While calculating the cycle time, the system takes into account all the cards ranging between the start and end column across multiple lanes in your Board who might have:
    • Entered or exited the Done Column Type
    • Been archived from any column  beyond (to the right) the Done Column Type
  • As of now, the confidence % value of a card will be calculated against the system’s default confidence value, which is 80% of the overall cycle time distribution of that card type. We will be enhancing this feature in the future release so that you can set your own default confidence value and add few other classification criteria.

Acquiring License for the Forecast Date

The Forecast Date feature is only available with SwiftKanban Enterprise License. If you are a SwiftKanban Team or Group License subscriber and would like to use the Forecast Date feature, you will need to upgrade to the SwiftKanban Enterprise License.  For more information on the pricing, please refer to this page. To avail the Enterprise License, please contact us at sales@digite.com.

Enabling the Forecast Date Field

You must have the Admin or Manager access to enable this Forecast Date field via the Board Editor.

To enable this field, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Board Editor  from the side menu bar of the Kanban Board.
  2. On the Board Editor page, click the Forecast Date Setting  icon from the side menu bar.
  3. On the Define Cycle Time Forecast Setting wizard, select the option for the calculating the Forecast. Click Next.

Note: As on SwiftKanban 6.1 release, only the System Recommended option is available. We will enhance this capability in the future so that you can also select the criteria that help you to define finer classifications and choose an associated confidence percentage.

  1. Find which card types are eligible for this Forecast Setting. Click Next.

Note:  Any card type having 50 or more cards previously being archived or moved to or beyond the Done lane will be considered for this Forecast calculation.

  1. To activate this forecast setting, Click Enable on the page shown below.

Note:  The Forecast field will be displayed only for the cards that are added to the Board after this setting is enabled.

  1. Go to the Board for which you have enabled this setting, and add a card of the card type which is eligible for the Forecast setting (Refer to step 4).

The same can be seen in the following GIF:


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