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Managing Plugins

SwiftKanban provides a couple of useful installable components that significantly enhances its functionality. With such add-ons, you can combine specific features with the existing functionality of SwiftKanban. For example, one of the key plugins that SwiftKanban supports is the Release or Sprint plugin which is aligned with the Scrum processes with an integrated set of Scrum features and metrics. The Scrum features offer your team full support through your transition from Scrum to Scrumban or Kanban.

Accessing and Enabling Plugins

Note: You must have Admin access to navigate to the Plugins page and enable them.

  1. To access the Plugins page, from the top panel, click the More Options icon > Admin Settings. On the Admin Settings page, click the PLUGINS tile. The Plugins page is displayed.
  2. To enable any plugin, click the Enable link under the Setting column. Similarly, to disable an active plugin, click the  Disable link.

The following Plugins are currently available in SwiftKanban:

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