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Managing Card Attachments

You can leverage the Attachment functionality in SwiftKanban to attach documents (including text files, spreadsheets, image files) to cards, and use them for future reference. Attaching multiple files has also been made easy as you can drag-and-drop or multi-select files to attach them to a single card.

Moreover, you can also take a print screen and copy the same directly into the description field of a card.

You can manage attachments to a card in the following two ways:

Important Information

Any user with a Reader role will not be able to add attachment to a card but will be able to download any attachment from the card.

Managing Attachments in the Full View of a Card

To manage attachments in the full view  of the card, perform the following tasks:

Note: Whether you attach single or multiple files at a time, the total size of the attachment should not exceed 20 MB.

Managing Attachments in the Pop-up View of a Card

Tips: We have an exciting in-app Learning Enabler, called Challenges that would help you learn and add attachments to the card interactively. Please navigate to Help & Support > Challenges from the top menubar and try out the Challenges.

To manage attachments in the Pop-up view of the card, perform the following tasks:

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