Important Information: By reading this Help page, you will get to know how to set up your team for your Board in the Old Board layout. If you want to perform the same in the New Board layout, see this Help page.

Get team members to work with you on a Board by inviting them. You can invite members from the list of users existing in the enterprise, which can be found under the People menu. Team members can simultaneously work on multiple Boards.


To invite a user to the Board, you must have Manager access at the Board level or Admin access at the Organization level.

Inviting Team Members to the Board

To invite a team member to your board, do the following:

  1. If you are not already on your board, click the icon on the toolbar and then click the Boards link. From the list of boards displayed, double-click the required board and then select Team Member from the board menu.
  2. In the list of team members, click the Invite icon ( ) on the Side toolbar on the left. The Invite Team Member page with list of users in the application along with the Login Id and Role (that was set when adding the user into SwiftKanban) is displayed.

Note: The ‘Teams’ feature displays the Team List column with a Team List Filter. The Teams are defined at the enterprise-level, where a user can be included in one or more teams. When inviting a user, the Team List column displays the team(s) to which the user belongs.

  1. You can search for a user by scrolling or typing a part of the text in the boxes on the top. As you type, the names with matching text appears in the list below along with the role.You can also perform a comma-separated search for multiple users. Alternatively, you can also search users based on the Team by clicking the Team List and selecting the required Teams.
  2. To invite the team members, select the check box next to them and select the user role from the list (For example, Member).

Note: Users with ‘Reader’ as primary role can be invited to boards only with ‘Reader’ role while users with ‘Manager’ or ‘Member’ as primary role can be assigned a ‘Reader’ role in boards. For more information on roles, see Roles in SwiftKanban help page.

  1. Click the Invite button to send a notification email (with the link of the board) to all the selected team members. The list of team members now displays the invited member(s) as a part of your team.
  2. Close the Invite Team Members window.

Changing Role of Team Member

To change the role of a team member, do the following:

  1. From the List of Team Members view, double-click the role name to see options and change the role. In the example below, to change the role of Ganesh, double-click the Member role displaying.

  1. Select the new role and click Save.

From the List of Team Members view, you can also:

  • View a team member’s profile by selecting a team member and clicking the View icon. Alternatively, you can just double-click the team member name to view their profile.
  • Delete a team member from the board by selecting a team member and clicking the Delete icon.
  • Search/Filter team members by typing any text in the empty filter boxes above that column. If you are not able to view the empty filter boxes, click the Filter icon on the Side toolbar.
  • Sort team members based on any column name by clicking the column label.

Deleting Team Member

When deleting a team member, the team member may have some cards assigned on the board. As work needs to be carried forward to completion, you cannot delete the team member, until these cards are reassigned.

When removing a team member from a board, you can reassign the active cards to any other team member or tag as ‘Unassigned’ to be assigned later.

This helps in easier board administration where team members need to be removed when they leave or invited to other board.
To delete a team member and reassign cards, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the required board, click the Boards link from the main menu and double-click the board row in the list.
  2. Click the Board name in the breadcrumb and click Team Member from the menu.
  3. In the List of Team Member view, click the team member row and click the Delete icon on the Side toolbar. Click Yes in the confirmation window.
    • If there are no active cards assigned, the team member is deleted. Click OK in successful deletion message window.
    • If there are active cards assigned to the team member, you need to reassign these cards. From the list, select the team member to whom you want to assign the cards. To reassign the cards later, select Unassigned from the list. Click OK in successful deletion message window.

Exporting Team member Listing

Using the Export feature, you can export the details of the team members available under the Team Member page to a Microsoft® Excel or CSV file format.
To export team member details:

  • Click the Team Member option from the Board menu.
  • Go to Side Toolbar and click the Export icon on the toolbar.
  • In the Export wizard, select the Export Format. By default, the Export Format is set to ‘Microsoft Excel Worksheet (.xls).
  • Enter the name of the file to which you want to export the details.

Note: You can leave this field blank and while saving the file on your system, you can enter the file name.

  • Click Submit.
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