SwiftKanban is a true Kanban tool that also supports Scrum processes with an integrated set of Scrum features and metrics – to make an evolutionary change to your processes. SwiftKanban’s Scrum features can give your team full support through your transition from Scrum to Scrumban and/ or Kanban!

The Scrum features in SwiftKanban can be implemented by enabling the plug-ins on request. There are also other plug-ins that can be enabled based on your preference:

Listed below are the Plug-ins made available as of now:

  •  Release Planning: Using this feature, you can plan your releases perfectly and also determine the Release capacity and the release progress with the built-in visual indicators. If you have created your product backlogs for which story points are estimated, just drag and drop the cards in the release, and even rescope the release. Read More…
  • Sprint Planning: In SwiftKanban, it is easy and quick to break down a release into several sprints with the intuitive drag-n-drop interface. You should have a release backlog defined so that cards from the release scope can be associated to different sprints you create. The sprint capacity and progress can be visually tracked as it progresses and also rolled up to the release progress, where again the visual indicators are based on these sprints. Read More..
  • Time Tracking: The Time-tracking plug-in helps you to capture the actuals and remaining effort for the To-Dos being executed by the team members. You can track the progress of the releases in the Burndown/Burn-up charts, which are generated based on the actuals and remaining Effort logged against the To-Dos in the cards. Read More…
  • Categorical Risk Tracking: The ESP and Risk analytics in SwiftKanban offers you a bouquet of rich analytics and Risk Assessment module, which helps you extract insightful, predictive data based on your unique historical and transactional data. .. Read More...

After you have got the plug-ins/features enabled and have started using them, do send us your feedback and suggestions at support@swiftkanban.comYou may even post them on the SwiftKanban Community page.

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