Important Information: By reading this Help page, you will get to know how to export the list of users in the Old Board layout. If you want to know the same in the New Board layout, see this Help page.

Using the Export feature, you can export the details of the users available under the People page to a Microsoft® Excel or CSV file format.

To export people details:

  1. Click the People option from the Module menu.
  2. Go to Side Toolbar and click the Export icon on the toolbar.
  3. In the Export wizard, select Export Format. By default, the Export Format is set to ‘Microsoft Excel Worksheet (.xls). Enter the name of the file to which you want to export the details. You can leave this blank and while saving the file on your system, you can enter the file name.
  4. Click Submit.

The file is downloaded to your system. When you open the file, you will see that the ‘People’ sheet containing details of each user.

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