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Configuring Board Policies

To enforce better collaboration and compliance with the established processes, you can define additional policies for the movement of cards on the board.

Moreover, with the column-level policy, you can define the purpose of a column and let other team members know about it by pinning it on the column or sub-column. Get to know more about it here.

Note:  You will not be able to modify the Board Policies for a Closed Board. The Board settings icon itself will not be visible for a Closed Board.  To know more about the Closed Board, see this Help page.

Activating the Board Policies

  1. To activate the policies,  click the Board Settings icon on the top menu. The Board Settings page is displayed.
  2. Click the BOARD POLICIES tile. Various policies are displayed.
  3. Select the policies you want to apply on the board:

Board Policies

The Board Policies page is categorized into 4 logical groups or tabs:

Note: If you make changes to the policies in any of the four tabs, the changes get saved automatically.

The Board Behavior tab includes the following:

For Example, If you define the number of days in this field as 3, then all the cards that are having a Due Date or Release Date in the next 3 days from today will be highlighted.

The WIP Limit Policies tab includes the following:

The Team Preferences tab includes the following:

The Value Stream Policies tab include the following:

Enforce Value Stream for the swimlane: By enabling this policy, you ensure that no card is allowed to skip a column as it moves from left to right in a particular swim lane. Many a time, the work does not always follow the process laid out for a swim lane and tends to bypass a column or two while moving towards completion. In such a scenario, this policy helps you avoid that non-adherence.

Once you enable that policy by selecting the checkbox, you need to select the swim lanes and the card types for each of those swim lanes on which you want to enforce this policy.

Column Policy

The description that you enter for the column in the Column Settings window is displayed on the mouse-hover on the column heading. Clicking on the header will let you pin this description as a constant text in the same column. You can unpin the policy from the column by clicking again on the column header or by clicking the cancel icon.


You can also add URLs as a hyperlink by using the <LINK> tag. For example, if you want your team to refer to more details related to using this column policy, you can add the HELP URL in this format, <LINK>https://www.digite.com/knowledge-base/swiftkanban/article/visualize-your-workflowprocess/#Columnpolicy</LINK>. Just add your URL between <LINK></LINK> tags as shown in the example. Anyone viewing the policy description can click and open these URLs in a separate tab.

Note 1:  If a column has been split, the column description can be pinned only on the sub-columns and not on the parent column.

Note 2: Even if a column policy is pinned, it will still not be visible in the column header if you view the Board using the lowest zoom level in the new card layout or the lowest and second-lowest zoom level in the old card layout.

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