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Closing Board

Important Information: By reading this Help page, you will get to know how to close a Board in the Old Board Layout. If you want to manage the same in the New Board layout, see this Help page.

Every project, or better known as Board in Swiftkanban has a shelf life. Once the Board achieves its goal or objectives or needs to be aborted for any other reason, it should be archived or closed. To fulfill such a requirement, we have introduced the Close Board feature in SwiftKanban which lets you formally close the Board in the application and convert all artifacts inside it into the read-only version.

In this document, we will try to understand how we can close a Board, what happens when a Board is closed and how it the Board closure gets reflected in various analytics, reports, card listing, user role, and so on.


To close a Board or the Board, you must have the Admin role at the Organization (Org.) level or Manager role at the Board level.

Steps to Close a Board

As an Admin or Manager, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Board menu, click the Board Profile.

2. On the Board Profile page, click the Close button from the side toolbar, enter the reason in the textbox for closing the Board, and then click Save.

Note:  While closing the Board, the textbox also displays the last activity that took place in the Board.

Post Closure Impact

When a Board is successfully closed, it will have certain impacts on other features and functionalities. Let us understand those impacts:

Board Operation

Note: For Calendar on the Home page, if the Release or Sprint of the closed Board is shared with any other open Board, then the same will be shown in the Calendar to the user who has access to that open Board.

Card Operation
 Card Hierarchy
 Web Service
Analytics & Reports
Story Maps 
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