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Account Details

Accessing Account Details

To access the Account details, from the top panel, click the More Options icon > Admin Settings. On the Admin Settings page, click the LICENSE DETAILS tile. The Account Summary page displays your existing account with the expiry date.

Managing Your Account

The Account Summary page shows you the license details for your enterprise, from where you can also change your license plan. The message on top highlights your current License Plan and the expiry date.

If you are using a Free License Plan, you are allowed a one-time extension of a 30-day free trial. Click the Extend Trial button in the Free Trial pane. The license is extended from the date you extend, if before the expiry date. After seven days from expiry, you can still extend; the data will be available till then, or choose other license plans. After extending once, the Extend Trial link will be unavailable.

You will also receive mail notifications before the expiry of the license period, early on the expiry day, and after expiry. You can click the links in the mail and log on to SwiftKanban to change the license plan from My Account page.

For pricing details, visit https://www.digite.com/swiftkanban/pricing/ or contact sales@swiftkanban.com.

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