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What’s New in 7.14

Create External Work Request Directly from Your Outlook Mailbox Now, it is easy to raise a work request received from end-users in your MS Outlook Desktop application. We have introduced an MS Outlook Plugin option in the External Work Requests feature. When you use our Plugin, it pulls information from the selected email and pre-populates […]

What’s New in 7.13

Enhancements in External Work Request Now, it has become easier to fill the External Work Request form. We have extended our capability so that default values can be set for any input text fields as per your business needs. For example, you can default the Name and Email Address at the time of External Work […]

What’s New in 7.12

Enhancements in ESP Analytics We have introduced a couple of enhancements to Cycle Time and Flow Efficiency charts in SwiftESP Analytics that enable you to visualize percentiles in the histogram and percentile as well as rolling average in scatter plots. Once you enter the percentile values and apply on the Histogram and Scatter plot chart […]

What’s New in 7.11

Knowing the Done Date of a Card from the Card Listing Earlier, you had no way to know the Done Date of a card from the card listing and had to go through the card details to get that information. To ease that process, we have added another column, called Done Date in the All […]

What’s New in 7.10

Create More Story Maps Earlier we were able to create a single Story Map for our Board. But many a time, having one Story Map is not enough. Your business or functional requirement mandates that you have a separate Story Map for a separate product or feature roadmap. For example, on one hand, you want […]

What’s New in 7.9

We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. We’re happy to inform you that the development of SwiftKanban has not dropped pace. In this release, we have introduced a new way to gather work requests from the end-users. Using the External Work Requests feature you can create […]

What’s New in 7.8

Multi-Board Support for Story Mapping Board The Story Mapping Board helps you build a visual map of effective product usage journey across various personas. The work for planning and delivering such products can be spread across multiple Boards and teams and require complete visibility for seamless execution. To facilitate such visibility of all the works […]

What’s New in 7.7

Introducing New REST API Earlier using the getCardRelation REST API under RelationService, you could only get existing relations of a single card in the Kanban board. Now you can also get all the existing relations of all the cards in a Kanban board using the getAllCardsRelation REST API. Get to know more about it from this […]

What’s New in 7.6

In this release, we have focused on improving the overall speed and reliability, which, we believe, will make your experience of using the application better. We will soon be back with another release. So, stay tuned and keep watching this space!

What’s New in 7.5

We are back with another release. In this release, we have enhanced the SwiftKanban Mobile app. Let’s explore it in detail! Enhanced SwiftKanban Mobile App In our continuous endeavor to provide you seamless experience of using SwiftKanban via the web or mobile app, we have introduced the following enhancements in this release: When certain Admin […]