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What’s New in 3.4

Published on 12 Oct 2013

At SwiftKanban, we strongly believe in Kaizen and get this constant itch to improve things more and more. You would see that in our frequent releases. We are back again with yet another release, SwiftKanban v3.4 is here! Here’s a quick list of updates in this release: – Right-click to Add a new Card in […]

What’s New in 3.3

Published on 16 Sep 2013

We’re back with some minor yet significant improvements. These usability improvements will help you get the best of SwiftKanban. Here is a quick update about the improvements in SwiftKanban v3.3:   Dashboard Improvements   Most Dashboard widgets display data consolidated for all projects, while a few show project-wise data. Dashboards charts now have a completely […]

What’s New in 3.2

Published on 19 Aug 2013

We’re back again with some small, but really useful improvements in SwiftKanban. Here’s a quick overview of the new enhancements added in SwiftKanban v3.2 :- Organize your Backlog visually, even better! Give your team a shout-out using ‘@’ Improved Board Zoom! We now remember your Card Size! Improved Card history tracking ! Your Comment need […]

What’s New in 3.1

Published on 19 Jul 2013

After we released our 3.0 version with a complete UI uplift, we were eager to add-on to it for a richer user experience. Here is a quick overview of minor usability enhancements the v3.1 release: Push Cards to Board From Release/ Iteration View Slide your view to the Cards Visual Notifications Easy Notification Setting Inbox […]

What’s New in 3.0

Published on 19 Jun 2013

Yes, SwiftKanban v3.0 is here! This latest version brings you numerous innovations that we are sure you’ll enjoy – right from a revamped UI, enhanced Usability, real-time Collaboration, and updated Analytics! Here’s a quick overview of SwiftKanban v3.0 to get you started:- Revamped Contemporary User Interface! The new UI has a modern look and feel, […]

What’s New in 2.4

Published on 28 Jan 2013

With its first release in the new year, SwiftKanban will lead you to face business challenges and meet your committments with a new vigor. In its release ver. 2.4, SwiftKanban can help you plan ahead and get decisive based on real-time updates and being in sync with your team mates. Here are the highlights of […]

What’s New in 2.3

Published on 4 Nov 2012

We are back again with a few, but significant updates to SwiftKanban. Here’s a quick glimpse of what has been added and changed in this version, v2.3 :- Kanban Board Enhancements ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Board Lane Re-sizing You can now resize the lanes on your Kanban board and make any lane wider/ narrow in the multiple of […]

What’s New in 2.2

Published on 17 Sep 2012

We are back again with a few, but significant updates to SwiftKanban. Here’s a quick glimpse of what has been added and changed in this version, v2.2 :- SwiftSync For JIRA 5.1 SwiftSync, SwiftKanban Plug-in for JIRA has now been upgraded to support the newer JIRA versions i.e. JIRA 5.1 that had some significant changes […]

What’s New in 2.0.1

Published on 10 Aug 2012

 We are back again with a few, but significant updates to SwiftKanban. Here’s a quick glimpse of what has been added and changed in this version, v2.0.1 :- Bookmark your Kanban board and Cards You can now bookmark your SwiftKanban board or any card in your favorite browser to revisit directly. SwiftKanban board and cards […]

What’s New in 2.0

Published on 15 Jul 2012

Here are the highlights of SwiftKanban release 2.0:- Release Planning and Visual Tracking: For many of our users who still use ‘SCRUM’ , or ‘SCRUMBAN’ (a combination of SCRUM and Kanban) we have enhanced the interface of ‘Release’ module in SwiftKanban to enable a simple “Release Planning” capability that allows defining of Release Capacity and […]

What’s New in 1.4.6

Published on 1 Jun 2012

In this release of SwiftKanban ver. 1.4.6 we have focused on board usability and introduced a new operational report for our users who track effort logged. So do go through the features listed below and let us know your feedback after you have tried them out. New Board Policies Introduced: We have now introduced two […]

What’s New in 1.4.5

Published on 21 May 2012

We are back again with some exciting feature updates to SwiftKanban. In this release, we have strengthened the support of SCRUM in SwiftKanban with Time-Tracking capability, Burndown and velocity charts and the much-awaited tablet interface for SwiftKanban. Here’s a quick peek into the new features that you can experience live, on our production servers this […]

What’s New in 1.4.4

Published on 23 Apr 2012

It’s always exciting to be back with some great updates for you in our releases! In this release v 1.4.4 , we have added several features requested by many of our users, specially those who still use some elements from SCRUM methodologies, such as ability to plan releases upfront and then execute the release scope […]

What’s New in 1.4.3

Published on 25 Mar 2012

We are happy to announce a new SwiftKanban release, ver 1.4.3 that we pushed out over the weekend with several minor yet meaningful features and improvements. Here is a quick snapshot of the features released in 1.4.3: Additional Filter Option in Status Reports The status report now has an additional option to display the metrics […]

What’s New in 1.4.1 and 1.4.2

Published on 3 Feb 2012

Right on the heels of our 1.4 release, we released a few minor yet handy features in last few weeks. These were requested by our users and we quickly released them. These have certainly enhanced the usability of the software! Following are the usability enhancements you will find remarkable:   Track Comments in Exported Files […]

What’s New in 1.4

Published on 9 Jan 2012

Firstly, we wish all our users a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! This month, we have a good reason to celebrate. It’s the New Year and with the New Year celebrations still continuing, as promised, we have come with a release which has several new features and improvements as listed below:- Move your JIRA […]

What’s New in 1.1.6

Published on 30 Nov 2011

When we say continuous improvements, we REALLY mean it. We are back yet again with few more exciting set of features in 1.1.6 release that’ll make working with SwiftKanban, a breeze! This post lists some of the key enhancements made:- ‘Search’ any card, in One click You can now search any card on the board […]

What’s New in 1.1.4

Published on 25 Nov 2011

Ever since we released version 1.1, we focused on performance of SwiftKanban, but we also enhanced the product from the usability perspective and resolved quite a few issues.   The enhancements are highlighted below:   Improved My Projects Widget My Projects is now renamed to My Recent Projects, so the project accessed in your last […]

What’s New in 1.1.5

Published on 8 Nov 2011

At SwiftKanban, we strongly believe in Kaizen, making continuous improvements in the way we work and the products we build. Over the last several weeks, we made numerous improvements to SwiftKanban based on your invaluable feedback. You may have already noticed some of these changes – and we hope you liked them! The 1.1.5 release […]

What’s New in 1.1

Published on 20 Oct 2011

Features Introduced in Release 1.1 We are very happy to announce the availability of the latest version of SwiftKanban, ver 1.1 that is packed with an exciting set of features. Based on the inputs from SwiftKanban users, we have significantly enhanced our Kanban board modeling capabilities and added a lot of innovating features. SwiftKanban ver1.1 […]

What’s New in 1.0

Published on 20 Oct 2011

We thank all our Beta-users, who have explored the Beta version of SwiftKanban, and provided us with their valuable feedback. Your excellent response and feedback has enabled us to come out with new and improved features in our product.   Significant features introduced in the GA Release of SwiftKanban are highlighted below: Online and Offline […]