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Time Zone Preference

Defining time zone in SwiftKanban is especially important when you have a geographically distributed team. Each member will be performing an activity in his/her time zone determined for that particular region. To track activities with respect to your local time, you need to set the application time to your time zone. The time stamp generated […]

Setting Up Notifications

You may want to receive notifications on various events occurring such as a new card is added, blocked by a user, or WIP is violated, etc. that requires your immediate action. SwiftKanban displays a message to notify the occurrence of an event that you have subscribed. This is crucial, especially, when you have a distributed […]

Edit Your Profile

After the administrator adds you as a user in the application, you can log on and update your Profile summary such as, Name, Alternate email Id, etc. and other personal details. The primary role is what the administrator assigns to you for accessing the application, which cannot be edited. You can view your profile summary […]

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