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Exporting People Listing

Using the Export feature, you can export the details of the users available under the People page to a Microsoft® Excel or CSV file format. To export people details: Click the People option from the Module menu. Go to Side Toolbar and click the Export icon on the toolbar. In the Export wizard, select Export Format. […]

Sharing Resources

Many a time, you would like to assign a task to a resource, who is not necessarily part of your team or board and needs temporary access to the board to work on that task. The Shared Resource feature in SwiftKanban can help you achieve that by letting the shared team members access, update, or […]

User Roles

In SwiftKanban, there are two types of roles for accessing features, these are: Primary Role: Role primarily provided for a user when he/she is registered in SwiftKanban to access the application. Board Role: Role provided for a team member to access the features when assigned to a board. Note that a user cannot be assigned […]

Defining and Managing Teams

If you are working with large Kanban boards involving multiple teams, you are sure to find the ‘Defining Teams’ feature very useful. SwiftKanban allows grouping members in ‘Teams’ and using the ‘Team List’ filter on the Kanban board and Reports to track the progress of cards assigned to a specific team. After you add users […]

Creating Users

For an enterprise, an administrator needs to create users so that these users can be assigned to boards. Once the administrator creates users and assigns a primary role, they get an invite to access the application, after which the user can start working on the board. According to the role assigned to a user, it […]