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Integrating SwiftKanban with Microsoft Teams

Published on 4 Aug 2021

Microsoft Team Integration is a part of Office 365 which lets you schedule meetings, create channels, chat with teams, collaborate and work together, and work on different documents inside the app.  To know more about the MS Teams and its integration, see this information on the MS Teams page. SwiftKanban is available in Microsoft Teams […]

Integrating SwiftKanban with Zapier

Published on 27 Jul 2020

Overview Have you ever wanted to create a card on your Kanban board based on an email or calendar invite you received? Have you ever wanted to create a task on your calendar from a card you are assigned to on your Kanban board? With Zapier integration, now you can do just that. Zapier supports […]

Working with External Work Requests

Published on 2 Apr 2020

Introduction With our new External Work Requests module, collecting information from your users is now quick, and easy. You no longer have to rely on the traditional way of collecting work requests by using other tools and integrating them with our system to get the card created. Now, you can create a customized card form […]

Integrating SwiftKanban with Slack

Published on 6 Sep 2018

The skbot app for Slack provides a great way to link your SwiftKanban teams to your Slack Channels. You can now add cards to Board in SwiftKanban directly from Slack without needing to switch through sites. Similarly, you can also add any conversation in Slack to the card as a comment. Let’s learn how you […]