Getting Started

How to get started with SwiftKanban

Quick Start with SwiftKanban

If you are new to SwiftKanban, this is the place to get started. The links below would take you through 10 easy steps (you may even skip the last 4 steps for now, making it even easier  :-)) to get going with SwiftKanban : Get Familiar with SwiftKanban Interface Familiarize yourself with SwiftKanban interface elements and various […]

Explore the Key Features

The SwiftKanban user interface brings to you distinctive color scheme options, meaningful icons, better card designs, full-screen view, and many more. Let us explore some of the key features of SwiftKanban UI: Multiple User Panel Themes You can now select your user panel from 8 colorful options: Sky View Peacock Wings Sunshade Eclipse Indigo Zircone Airshow […]

Get Familiar with the User Interface

SwiftKanban interface has been designed with great care to enable quick and easy access to the modules and includes many new paradigms. Let’s take a quick look at the various interface elements in our web version. 1. Quick Links: On clicking the following quick links on the top-right, you can access:- Search: Search cards on the board, […]