Export and Import Cards

Information on importing and exporting cards

Lead Time Calculation for Imported Cards

In SwiftKanban, the Date Created field is the system date i.e. the date when you added a card in SwiftKanban which will be considered as the date when the story or defect was identified. SwiftKanban also maintains a ‘Date Identified’ field which is a read-only field and will be same as the Date Created when […]

Exporting Cards and Todos

The export feature enables quick export of data in Microsoft® Excel /CSV format. You can export cards from SwiftKanban along with their attribute values. You can export cards for further analysis, import them back into SwiftKanban after updating some attributes, or to import them into other systems. With the export capability, you can: Export cards […]

Importing Cards

SwiftKanban enables importing of  work items along with their attributes into SwiftKanban at one go using the Import capability. You can import new cards and update cards into SwiftKanban using MS Excel or any Text Editor application. With the import capability, you can: Import work items created in other systems into SwiftKanban for executing work […]