Articles on kanban cards

Managing Card Attachments

You can leverage the Attachment functionality in SwiftKanban to attach documents (including text files, spreadsheets, image files) to cards, and use them for future reference. Attaching multiple files have also been made easy as you can drag-and-drop or multi-select files to attach them to a single card. Moreover, you can also take a print screen […]

Exporting and Importing Cards

In SwiftKanban, you can export cards from Kanban board to Microsoft® Excel .Once you have exported, you can later import these cards from the Excel file but using the Import feature. Not just cards, you can export and save the card hierarchy in an Excel sheet. You can further use this Excel sheet to import the card hierarchy. […]

Comment on a Card

As a self-organizing team, you need to constantly communicate and negotiate in projects. In SwiftKanban, every card or a work-item has its own space for communicating. So when a team comes across a blocker, or needs to collaborate on a particular work, communication happens in the context of work. Any comments that you add while […]

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