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Working with Cards on Kanban Board

Kanban board is the central place to execute your work based on your own workflow, where your work is visible as it flows while limiting work-in-progress. The SwiftKanban Board is a powerful and flexible real-time Kanban board for executing projects based on visual management. It is designed such that it gives you visual cues to […]

Dependency Board

Overview Program Management requires keeping track of the cards spread across boards and are dependent on each other for completion so that they get executed in a synchronized manner to achieve the objectives. Here, the chosen cards are positioned on the board based on their lanes and columns respectively. Dependency links can then be established […]

To-Do Board

To-Do’s are the integral parts of a Kanban Card, as it empowers you to break down the bigger task into granular elements, and then prioritize, collaborate and deliver those smaller tasks on a regular basis so that the parent task gets completed on time, every time. The To-Do board is a one-stop shop for individuals, […]

Home View

Being a part of different Kanban Boards, you might be assigned to various cards.  You might have an important release knocking at your door, or an important notification being pushed to your inbox. You might also be interested to know your work allocation based on various parameters like Card Type, Priority, Size, Rank, Release, and […]

Board Activity

You can use the Board Activity feature in SwiftKanban to view the activity logs of both active and inactive cards on a Kanban board within a stipulated period. This feature helps you monitor the card-wise status of a board for a particular period. However, using this feature, card activities that are older than 15 days are […]

Board Playback

SwiftKanban’s unique Board Playback feature allows users to play back the board for a past time period and observe patterns of flow. It actually animates a playback of the changes like deck of cards flying through: card getting created, cards being assigned to people, being pulled and getting archived. Selecting a date range and the […]

Viewing Board Calendar

Tips: We have an exciting in-app Learning Enabler, called Challenges that would help you learn and use the Board Calendar interactively. Please navigate to Help & Support > Challenges from the top level menu and try out the Challenges. SwiftKanban Board Calendar is very useful feature that helps you to track a production schedule of your […]

Working with Templates in SwiftKanban

Templates in SwiftKanban are ready-to-use Board models (comprising of Smart Lane Settings, Card Types, and Board Policies) that you can select while creating a project. Template in SwiftKanban can be a great feature when you pla n to perform any of these tasks: Save the time and effort of manually creating the Kanban board from […]

Logging Effort for To-Dos

The Time-tracking plug-in helps you to capture the actuals and remaining effort for the tasks being executed by the team members. So if a card has To-Dos list created for a card, every To-Do owner can log actuals and remaining effort (in hours) while the To-Do is in progress. After the To-Do is completed, the […]

Working with To-Dos

You can add tasks i.e. To-Dos for a card to break down work into smaller manageable units. Card Owners can add and manage their own set of To-Dos, estimate effort and report progress against the To-Dos. You can track the progress of To-Dos based on Status or Effort. Here are some key information about the […]

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