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Configuring Card % Progress and Child % Progress

Overview In real life, the progress of a task may be determined by a combination of factors – such as the progress of its sub-tasks, its progress along a specific workflow, or a combination thereof. To help you model such real-life scenarios – as well as to better visualize it using the Portfolio Swimlane or […]

Working with Soft Validation

*** This is a licensed feature. Please contact us at to know how to avail it. While adding or updating a card via web service, you may sometimes end up entering a wrong owner, release, or sprint resulting that action failing in SwiftKanban. But, now with the Soft Validation feature, it is possible to create or update […]

Working with Story Mapping (BETA)

Overview The Story Mapping Board in Swiftkanban offers you a comprehensive mapping tool to organize user stories into a visual map that communicates the end-to-end user journey from the big picture to actionable user stories. Inspired by Jeff Patton’s famous model, the three levels of the Story Mapping Board helps you to: Frame the big […]

Reopening A Closed Board

You can reopen a closed Board from the My Board page at the Organization (Org.) level.  Note that you must have the Admin role at the Org. level to reopen a closed Board. Moreover, remember that the number of Boards you can add or reopen depends on your subscribed Board licenses. If you exceed that […]

Closing Board

Every project, or better known as Board in Swiftkanban has a shelf life. Once the Board achieves its goal or objectives or needs to be aborted for any other reason, it should be archived or closed. To fulfill such a requirement, we have introduced the Close Board feature in SwiftKanban which lets you formally close […]

Working with Cards on Kanban Board

Kanban board is the central place to execute your work based on your own workflow, where your work is visible as it flows while limiting work-in-progress. The SwiftKanban Board is a powerful and flexible real-time Kanban board for executing projects based on visual management. It is designed such that it gives you visual cues to […]

Dependency Board

Overview Program Management requires keeping track of the cards spread across boards and are dependent on each other for completion so that they get executed in a synchronized manner to achieve the objectives. Here, the chosen cards are positioned on the board based on their lanes and columns respectively. Dependency links can then be established […]

To-Do Board

To-Do’s are the integral parts of a Kanban Card, as it empowers you to break down the bigger task into granular elements, and then prioritize, collaborate and deliver those smaller tasks on a regular basis so that the parent task gets completed on time, every time. The To-Do board is a one-stop shop for individuals, […]

Home View

Being a part of different Kanban Boards, you might be assigned to various cards.  You might have an important release knocking at your door, or an important notification being pushed to your inbox. You might also be interested to know your work allocation based on various parameters like Card Type, Priority, Size, Rank, Release, and […]

Board Activity

You can use the Board Activity feature in SwiftKanban to view the activity logs of both active and inactive cards on a Kanban board within a stipulated period. This feature helps you monitor the card-wise status of a board for a particular period. However, using this feature, card activities that are older than 15 days are […]