1. Creating Work Board in SwiftEASe
  2. Creating User
  3. Inviting User and Assigning Them Roles
  4. Creating a Team
  5. Creating an ART
  6. Board Playback

Creating Work Board in SwiftEASe

The first and the primary container of your SAFe® instance is the Work Board. This short video will help you understand how to create a Work Board. 

Creating User

Learn how to create a user in SwiftEASe.

Inviting a User and Assigning Them Roles

You can invite users to your SwiftEASe instance and assign them roles. Know more about it here.

Creating a Team

Get to know how to create a Team in SwiftEASe.

The Agile Release Team or ART is a high-level aggregation of Agile teams and operates as a logical consortium of cross-functional Agile teams. Get to know how you can create an ART in SwiftEASe.

Board Playback

One of the unique features in SwiftEASe is the Board Playback which lets rewind and playback how your execution happened. It helps you visually identify bottlenecks and constraints going back in time so that you can do better trend analysis.