We are on a relentless journey to improve your experience of using SwiftEASe. Be it the new feature or some cool enhancements, we always try to make every release experiential for you.

This page will keep you updated on the various releases of SwiftEASe and what we have delivered under each of them.

SwiftEASe 3.12

With this release, we have enhanced the PI planning activity. Read more about it here.

SwiftEASe 3.4

This release is dedicated to the Portfolio Kanban feature. We have added another way of tracking the Portfolio card based on the To-Do’s of its immediate child cards. Get to know more about it here.

SwiftEASe 3.3

We have focussed more on performance improvements in this release and worked on strengthening our infrastructure so that your association with SwiftEASe gets smoother and better.

SwiftEASe 3.2

We have introduced SAFe® 4.6 compliant templates and also worked on improving the overall speed and reliability which, we believe, will make your experience of using the application better.

We will soon be back with another release. So, stay tuned and keep watching this space!

SwiftEASe 3.1

With SwiftEASe 3.1, we have introduced a forecasting feature that will predict the completion date of a newly added card.
Now the Risk and Business Value(BV) are also available at the program level and can be defined during the PI planning.
We have also fixed the side toolbar for easier access. Check this page to know more about this release; What’s New in 3.1

SwiftEASe 3.0

With SwiftEASe 3.0, we have introduced AI and NLP based Sentiment Analysis that will catalyze your scaling Agile with higher team happiness. We have also introduced Chatbot with whom you can converse while you use the application and resolve your queries in a conversational manner. That’s not all, we have Flag Data Analyser for data summarization and improved color palette for the better color shaping of your various work cards. Check this page to know more about this release; What’s New in 3.0

SwiftEASe 2.5

We have enhanced the capability of the Done column in this release and also extended the default column settings for cards added via Linked Cards Section. Check this page to know more about this release; What’s New in 2.5

SwiftEASe 2.4

This release brings in some significant changes in the Lean Budget and the Portfolio Budget Tracking and Monitoring chart.  Check this page to know more about what all we have for you in this release: What’s New in 2.4

SwiftEASe 2.3

Get to know how you can deploy a specific Board Filter into other’s Work Board, or assign a card to a user in just a few clicks and few more from this release. Check this page to know more about what all we have for you in this release: What’s New in 2.3

SwiftEASe 2.2

This release is more on improving the overall performance of SwiftEASe and making the overall infrastructure more robust.

SwiftEASe 2.1

We have introduced the Portfolio Budget Tracking and Monitoring Chart as a part of the Lean Budget module. Moreover, setting location for a mass user has been made easy with the Location feature. The Board Hierarchy view lets you visualize the entire hierarchy of the Work Board in your SAFe instance. Get to know more about them from this page: What’ New in 2.1.

SwiftEASe 2.0

We have majorly overhauled the Dependency Board and renamed it as the Program Board in this release. Get to know more about this release from this page: What’s New in 2.0.

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