Getting Started

If you are new to SwiftEASe, the following links will help you get going with it. In case you want to access all the Help topics, visit this page.

Build Your Knowledge in SAFe®

Get a detailed understanding of Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®)

Get Familiar with SwiftEASe Interface

Familiarize yourself with SwiftEASe interface elements and various modules available.

Create Your Work Board

The first and the primary container of your SAFe® instance is the Work Board. Learn how to create it.

Identify Your SAFe® Level

Understand what each SAFe® level in SwiftEASe, which is represented by a Work Board, offers to you and how you can configure them to build your value delivery ecosystem.

Define Resource, Roles and Teams

Get to know how you can create and manage resource, roles and teams and ARTs under your SAFe® instance.