Program Increment or PI is a time-boxed iteration where an ART delivers incremental builds and value in the form of working software and systems. Typically, PIs are eight to twelve weeks long, and the most common pattern for a PI is four development iterations, followed by one Innovation and Planning (IP) iteration.
In SwiftEASe, the Program Increment is planned and designed at the top level board using the PI feature. Using the PI feature, you can plan PIs perfectly in an easy-to-use drag-drop interface. You can define the PI capacity in points, enter the start and date time, drag and drop the work cards from the backlog to the Ready column, and track the PI progress with the built-in visual indicators like Burndown chart.
Moreover, you can also share the PI with other boards and let them view the PI planning and tag cards to that PI.

Get a deeper understanding of PI like how to create a PI, how to use various menu options in the PI screen by browsing the following topics:

 Also, make sure to read the following page that you will provide some useful information that you need to keep in mind while planning a PI.

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