The card designer allows you to configure attributes and icons with a better look and feel.

To go to the Card Designer, navigate to Admin > Settings > Card Designer.

The first row of the card shows fixed attributes like the Card ID, Title, Profile Pic, Options, and three flags and actions. The second and the third row shows the attributes that are selected in Card Attribute on the right side of the window. The last row shows the flags and icons.

To view an attribute with its values, select it in the Attributes menu. To hide it, clear the selection. To change the order, just drag the attribute and drop in between the two attributes as you want. Make the changes once the previous change is saved successfully.

To view actions and flags on a card, select the checkboxes in the top and bottom icon toolbar. The Actions are shown on the first half of the last row of the card. The Flags are shown on the second half of the last row of the card.  A total of 8 flags and actions can be shown in this row (four flags and four actions).  The bottom icons can be shown by selecting them in the bottom toolbar whereas the top icons can be shown by selecting them in the top toolbar.

The sample card gives a preview, which refreshes automatically after every change.

Note that the default enterprise settings are inherited onto the board. However, if the board has changed the configuration, the changes will reflect on the board, overriding the enterprise settings. For example, if the Admin has hidden the ‘Rank’ for the Enterprise and the attribute is seen on the board, it means that it is not hidden on that board. The change made in the enterprise will not be inherited into an existing board unless the changes are made to the board.

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