Set Global Filters in Card Data Analyzer and Flag Data Analyzer

From this release onwards, we have provided an option for the Manager of a Board to share a filter as a Global filter with the Members of the same Board in the Card Data Analyzer and Flag Data Analyzer. This will help the Members save time and effort in manually creating the same type of filter in those widgets. Learn more about the Global Filters by reading the specific section of Card Data Analyzer or Flag Data Analyzer.

Automatic Linking of Child Card to Parent Card in Story Mapping

From now on, when a card is created at level 3, it would automatically be linked as a child card to the card at level 2. So, for example if a User Story is created at level 3 under an Epic at level 2, it will automatically get linked to the Epic as a child card.

NOTE: The Story Mapping feature is graduated from Beta to general availability.

Configure Multi-Select Option for Your Custom and Custom Common Fields

From this release onwards, we have introduced a new field type “Collection” that lets you configure the multi-select option for your custom field as well as custom common fields. So, now you have the flexibility to select multiple values for a single custom field as per your requirement. Learn more about the Multi-select option from here.

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