We are back with a bang with a new release! This release is packed with exciting enhancements in the UI/UX, Chatbot and Analytics. With the new refreshing card designs, open access to our in-app Chatbot and significant enhancements in the Burndown chart, the 4.0 release is just perfect for managing your SAFe initiatives.

Refreshing New Look of the Card Edit View

With some cool new changes in the edit view of the cards, we have made sure you never lose sight of some important card information. Now, Card ID, Card Type, card color will be available in every tab of the card. The current position of the card across Board, Lane, and Column will also be visible in the footer across all tabs. Moreover, all the manual flags are moved to the upper right corner of the card and made available across all tabs. Not only that, you can also opt for the full-screen view of the card for better visibility.

Note: We will be introducing a few more enhancements in the edit view very soon. So, watch this space!

Chatbot for All

After getting the rave reviews from our trial users, we are enabling the in-app Chatbot for all users. So, talk to our Chatbot while using the application and get a quick answer to your query.

Enhanced Burndown Chart

Now, get more options to plot your PI or Sprint Burndown chart in different units of measurement. Depending on your business requirement, you can plot and view the Burndown chart by Estimate, To-Do Hours, or Card Count. Read this Help page to know how to view and interpret the chart by any of these units.

Other Enhancements

  • Now, you can enter a maximum of up to 60000 characters (including HTML tags) in the Card Details tab.
  • Starting from February 2020, the Classic or Old view of the Lean Analytics will be deprecated.
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