With SwiftEASe 3.1, we have introduced a forecasting feature that will predict the completion date of a newly added card.
Now the Risk and Business Value(BV) are also available at the program level and can be defined during the PI planning.
We have also fixed the side toolbar for easier access.

Predicting Completion Date for Cards

Now, get a clear insight of the system’s confidence of completing a card by its due date as soon as you add it on the Board. Refer to this help topic to understand it better.

Note: This is a licensed feature and soon will be enhanced to support custom configuration and confidence value. To know more about the license, please get in touch with sales@digite.com.  

Risk and Business Value at Program Level

Now, the Risk and Business Value (BV) are also available at the Program level so that you can define any impediment or assign relative business values during the PI planning. Once you define both of them at the Program level, they get rolled up to the Portfolio level and displayed there as a read-only value.

Side Toolbar Fixed Across the Application

All the side toolbars across the application are now fixed so that you don’t need to hide or unhide them to get a clear view of the application.



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