With SwiftEASe 3.0, we have introduced AI and NLP based Sentiment Analysis that will catalyze your scaling Agile with higher team happiness. We have also introduced Chatbot with whom you can converse while you use the application and resolve your queries in a conversational manner. That’s not all, we have Flag Data Analyser for data summarization and improved color palette for the better color shaping of your various work cards.


Scaling Agile with AI Driven Sentiment Analysis

SwiftEASe now comes with the power of Team Dynamics. Using Artificial Intelligence and advanced NLP techniques, we can help you understand how your teams perform and exhibit different emotions, in real-time.

You can also drill down to individual work card level and view the Valence, Arousal, Dominance (VAD) trend graph based on the conversation in that work card.


SwiftEASe Goes Conversational

Now, get to know more about SwiftEASe in a conversational manner. Talk to our chatbot while using the application and get a quick answer to your query. 


Flag Data Analyser

The newly introduced Flag Data Analyser is a powerful data summarization feature which you can use to quickly summarize the Flags data at the Organization or Board level in a tabular or chart format.


View Flag Even at the Smallest Zoom Level

Now you can view the top priority flag on a card even at the smallest zoom level of the Board. Currently, Block holds the top priority followed by Risk, Issue, and Manual Flag.

Color Palette Upgraded

Now, you have more options while assigning a color to the Card Type, as we have introduced more colors to the palette.


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