SwiftEASe gets better with many exciting enhancements in 2.4 release. With this release, our Lean Budget now offers you more ways to calculate the Actual Cost. The Portfolio Budget Tracking and Monitoring chart now has the Slippage Indicator to show Epic or Theme’s deviation from the ideal completion. Read below to know more about them and other enhancements.

Slippage Indicator in the Portfolio Budget Tracking and Monitoring (PBTM) Chart

The new Slippage Indicator encompassing the outer circle will indicate how a Theme or Epic is deviating from its ideal completion. Based on the slippage percentage, the ring will change the color from green, amber to red indicating how well the work is moving towards its completion.  Read here to know more about this chart.

Playback in Portfolio Budget Tracking and Monitoring (PBTM) Chart

Now, use the playback feature to observe the flow of the cards over a certain date range. Play, pause, increase or decrease the speed of the playback and view how the bubbles change shape as they move from left to right.

Calculating Actual Cost for the Lean Budget

Get more flexibility while deriving the Actual Cost for your Lean Budget.
Whether your team follows Scrumban or Kanban, the revamped Lean Budget module lets you define the aggregation of the Actual Cost either by the Estimated hours entered on the Card or the sum of the Actual Efforts entered on its To-Dos multiplied by the Currency Conversion Factor.

If you decide to derive the Actual Cost from the To-Dos, then define the $ equivalent of an hour of To-Do in the Organization Admin policy. Based on that conversion rate,  the aggregated To-Do efforts will be converted into the $ value.

Repositioning of the Currency Conversion Grid

For the easier navigability, the Currency Conversion Grid has now been moved to the Board Editor page of the top-level Board.

Filter Swim Lanes on the Work Board

More power to the Board Filter! Now, you can even filter the Swim lanes using the Lane filter attribute and view exactly those ones which you want to on the Work Board.

Enhancements in the Field Type

We have made a couple of enhancements in the Field Type for the custom fields:

  • Introduced another field type, Regular Text, which can be used to enter text, numbers, symbols, or spaces.
  • Increased the permissible number of instances for these field types (Integer, Boolean and Date) in a single card type.

As always, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. Please keep them coming at [email protected].


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