SwiftEASe 2.1 introduces a new paradigm the way you visualize and monitor the Portfolio Budget in your SAFe® implementation. Along with the new Portfolio Budget Tracking and Monitoring Chart, we have also introduced the Board Hierarchy view and enhanced the Location feature.

Portfolio Budget Tracking and Monitoring Chart

Visualize and monitor the Lean Budget of the Portfolio.  Watch how each card progresses in terms of Planned and Actual Cost against the Delivered Points and the Card Completion in the Portfolio Budget Tracking and Monitoring Chart. Get to know more about this chart on our Help page.

Assign Location to Multiple Users

Now you can easily assign or update the location to multiple users at one go via the Location page.  Read here to know how to assign users to a location in a bulk.

Board Hierarchy

Now, you can view the hierarchy of your SAFe® instance via the Boards page. You can click any of the Board names in the hierarchy to navigate to its Work Board provided you are a part of it.

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