SwiftEASe User interface has been designed with great care and respect to the Scaled Agile thinking. The visual Work board, slick card designs, meaningful icons, smooth navigation, high configurability – all are driven and built on three pillars: Visual Management, Lean Execution, and Ease of Use.
Let’s take a quick look at the various interface elements

Toolbar Menu:

  • Search: Search cards on the board, backlog, and across boards based on the search string entered.
  • Home: It consists of a personal board, Todo board, Flags board, Due Date board, Calendar, and Charts that contain all the information of the cards that are assigned to you.
  • Notification: View and configure your notifications
  • Recent Boards: The Recent Boards widget not only lists five recently accessed boards, but also enables quick navigation. You can further navigate to Backlog, Lean Analytics and Work Board from the Recent Boards pop-up wizard.
  • Help & Support: Links to access SwiftEASe help resources, cheat sheet, and others.
  • Settings: Configure the board settings, manage your resources and accounts and others. For more information, see the Setting Menu section.
  • Profile: View and update your profile summary. For more information, see the Profile Menu section.

Settings Menu:

  • Boards: The Board menu options lets you create Work Board for managing your work as per the SAFe® level and also view the hierarchy of your SAFe® instance. Each board can be managed separately and can have a separate backlog, card types, team members, process and a Work board.
  • People: As an administrator, the People module lets you create users in the application, who can be invited to work on different boards.
  • Admin: As an administrator, perform administrative activities such as managing account, defining card types and card type links, enabling account-level settings, and so on.
  • Team: View, add, modify or delete teams and assign roles to the user.

Profile Menu:

  • Profile: Indicates as who you are currently logged in. On clicking the Profile pic (i.e. your username initials, by default), displays the following links to set up your profile:
  • View Profile: Displays your profile, which you can update (Personal Details, Picture, address and so on). Also, you can reset your password and subscribe to notifications.
  • Change Password: Quick link to change your password, without going to the profile.
  • Recommend: Recommend SwiftEASe to a friend on Google, Twitter, Mail, and Facebook.
  • Logout: Log out of the application.

Board Activities:

  • Board Profile: Add, modify or delete Work board.
  • Work Board: Return to the Work Board.
  •  Program Board: View the dependency link between the cards that are associated with a sprint and team.
  • Lean Analytics: View various analytical charts and diagrams like CFD, Flow Efficiency, Cycle Time and other that help you gain greater insight into your processes and help you make improvements.
  • ART Analytics: Get a near real-time analytics of activities like Team Map Epic Board, Feature Status and so on across ARTs, teams, PIs and Sprints.
  • Reports: Get a consolidated view along with significant metrics through SwiftEASe operational reports.
  • ART: View, create, modify, delete, export and import ART teams.
  • PI: View, modify and delete a Program Increment (Time boxed cadence). You can also add a Risk and Sprint, define Business Value, Share PI and many more from this menu option.
    Note: This menu option is available at the top level board only.
  • Sprint: View or delete individual sprint, add cards to the sprint scope, share sprint, view sprint burn-down.
    Note: This menu option is available at the top level board only.
  • Cards: View all cards or specific card types in a listing page format. You can add, edit, delete, import, export cards and also import card hierarchy from this listing page.
  • Team Member: Invite a resource in the account as a team member, view their profile, export them to the worksheet.

Side Toolbar

  • Add Card: Add a card to the Work board. To know more about how to add a card, click here.
  • Board Filter: Use the Board Filter option to view only selected cards based on Priority, Card Type, Size, Resource, Cycle Time Threshold and so on.
  • Board Sorter: Sort the cards based on various parameters either in ascending or descending order. You can save the sorting across SwiftEASe sessions.
  • Legend: Highlight cards on the Work board based on various parameters like card type, size, resource, and so on.
    Activity Log: View and export activity logs of cards.
  • Board Chat: Chat among the board team members who are currently online.
  • Refresh Board: Refresh board to get the latest view of the board and cards.
  • Board Editor: Configure your board settings like creating lanes, adding columns, setting WIP limits and so on.
  • Backlog Board: Access your backlog board.
  • To-Do Board: Access To-Board that captures sub-tasks or to-do’s of various cards that are assigned to you across boards that you have access to.
  • Zoom: zoom in or zoom out to view the Work board as per your need.
  • Calendar: View important events like PI, Sprints, Cards and To-Do’s having a due date in a calendar (Weekly/Monthly) format.
  • Board Playback: Playback the board for a past time period and observe patterns of flow.
  • Board Activity Log: View the card-wise activities for specific days, and also find out the inactive cards.
  • Cycle time threshold: View the cycle time performance of cards based on the time-based thresholds.


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