Consider a parent card having many child cards linked to it. As a part of the development life cycle, the parent card needs to traverse through various stages before it gets completed. At every stage, there are a couple of child cards that need to be completed before the parent card moves from one stage to another. If we manually move the parent card from one stage to another, then there might be chances we ignore or forget to archive the child cards. This will incorrectly portray the actual status of the parent card which gets done erroneously.

To avoid such mistake, we have introduced the restrict movement of parent card that enforces the restriction on card movement unless its associated child cards are not archived or moved to the Done column.


To apply this restriction, we must first enable the Restrict movement of Parent card policy on the Board Policies page. Read more about the Board Policies here.

Step-by-step Guidance

Let us consider a Kanban board having Welcome Page for Mobile App as a parent card and 6 child cards (Requirement Gathering, Wireframing, Design, Development, Testing, and Deployment) linked to it. The swim lane of parent card includes columns that represent different stages (Requirement Gathering, Wireframing, Design, Development, Testing, and Deployment) of the development life cycle.

The child cards are placed under a separate swim lane which has three columns: To-Do, Doing and Done. Each child card is considered complete when they move to the Done column or been archived.

To restrict the parent card from moving to another column before the associated child card moves to Done column or archived we need to perform the following steps:

  • Select the parent card (In our example, it is Welcome Page for Mobile App) and open the Bulk Edit. Read more about the Bulk Edit here.

  • From the parent card, we navigate to the Linked Cards tab, click Bulk Edit option on Side toolbar or click the Bulk Edit button in the upper right corner.
  • Then, we set the Associated Parent Column for each child card.

In our example, if we set Requirement gathering#In-Progress column as the Associated Parent Column for the Requirement Gathering child card, it means if the parent card Welcome Page for Mobile App is on the Requirement gathering#In-Progress column, then unless the child card (UST1: Requirement Gathering) is archived or move to the Done column, the parent card cannot be moved to any other column.

Now, if we try to move the parent card to the different column without the child cards been archived or Done, the system will restrict us doing so.

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