Sometimes, you may have your Work Board on your desktop but may not be performing any activity. However, your team mates may have made some updates such as pulled a card, or added a comment, or even blocked a card. The Work Board is refreshed by default and shows the changes immediately after they are made.

However, you can choose to see the refresh when you want or your enterprise may have already set the related preference, Show Live Updates on Board Refresh Only.  Accordingly, the Board will refresh only when you click the Refresh Board icon on the Board toolbar, showing the final updates together on the board. The cards modified on the board are highlighted if there are any changes made to the card attributes in the Add Card pop-up. The Refresh Board icon increments the count of updates on the Notification icon on the top,  which lists the cards in the Notification widget for specific board events. It also refreshes the Inbox count on the Inbox widget. This is a very important visual indicator for a distributed team to be in sync so that they don’t miss out on critical events.

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