It is important to keep track of the overall predictability of an ART based on the aggregated performance of various teams being expressed in Business Value (BV) Objectives. The Program Predictability Measure metrics shows the comparative analysis of actual BV achieved to planned BV.

The graph is plotted based on the percentage of BV achieved against the planed in the Y-axis and the PI’s on the X-axis. Each line represents a team’s performance in terms of achieving the BV in a particular PI.

For example, in the above image, the average achieved BV of the program ART: Eastern Conference is 69.79, whereas the individual achieved BV of the two teams Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls are 65.96 and 73.47. So, it is evident that the Chicago Bulls have been able to achieve higher BV against the other team. Although it is also evident that both the teams have shown steady growth in achieving the planned BV as the PI progressed to its completion.

If you are interested to know what is BV and how to define their planned and actual values, see this Help topic.


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