Once you have defined the conversion factor for various workitems, you can then navigate to the Plan Budget page to allocate the Planned Budget in the chosen currency for the ARTs or teams.

Navigating to the Plan Budget page

To navigate to the Plan Budget page, click the Board menu > Lean Budget > Plan Budget.

Note: The Plan Budget menu is available only at the top level Work Board.

Updating the Plan Budget page

You can plan the budget in two ways – using ARTs or Teams. Any of the options you select, the total planned budget will be aggregated at the PI level.
So, you can plan the budget for ARTs for various PIs or for Teams for various PIs.
Note: When you update the planned budget using any of the options, and then later decide to move to the other options, the system shows a warning message confirming your action because doing so will remove all the values that you have entered earlier.

Key features of the Plan Budget table

  • The currency that you set in the Admin policy is displayed in the upper right corner of the table.
  • Various PIs are listed as a table column. You can enter the value only for the active PIs.
  • The ART level Total field aggregates the total planned budget for the ARTs for a particular PI based on the value you enter for the ARTs or Teams.


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