As an Account Admin, you can define important settings in SwiftEASe from the Settings view. The settings are inherited onto the boards such as Card Types with the configuration and links, Master Lists, Board Templates, and Admin Policy (optional settings for application behavior).

To define the settings for your SwiftEASe account, go to Admin > Settings from the Organization menu.

The Settings enlists the card types existing in the organization. Other than the default card types i.e. Issues, Defects, and User Stories, an organization can define their own Card Types based on their business need.

The Card Listing page displays the default card types along with the attributes such as Short Code, Description, and Card Color. You can perform the following actions from the side toolbar on this page:

  1. Create Card Type
  2. Delete Card Type
  3. Master Lists
  4. Card Type Links
  5. Admin Policy
  6. Card Designer
  7. Custom Common Field
  8. Bulk update to Enable/Disable Planned Dates for Card Types


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