The Feature Progress Board gives you a visual snapshot of the work happening in a Sprint.  The Feature Progress Board leverages the timeline view to capture the status of Feature cards being worked in a particular Sprint and gives you indication how the Features are getting completed .

Feature Progress Board Layout

The Epic Board shows the timeline on the horizontal (X) axis. The upper horizontal line represents a particular PI timeline which is further Sprint columns. Each column header mentions the Sprint name and the PI name it belongs to.

The lower horizontal line shows the date view and corresponds to Sprint start and end date.

Each Sprint column shows the progress bar of its planned Features. The progress of every Feature is determined by the number of its child cards (usually the User Stories) being archived or moved the Done column type.

The green color shows the number of child cards being completed or moved the Done column type in their respective Work Board.

The red color shows the number of child cards in that Sprint who are still in Backlog and not worked upon.

The yellow color shows the number of child cards in that Sprint who are still in progress (Doing column type).

Hovering over the color band of any of the Features shows the percentage and number of each of these (Backlog, Doing, Done) cards.

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