To use the Lean Budget module, you must first enable it in the Admin Policy.

To enable it, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Organization  menu, navigate to Admin > Settings.
  2. On the Card Listing page, click the Admin Policy  icon on the side menu.
  3. On the Admin Policy page, select the checkbox for the Lean Budget Module Required option.
  4. Select the currency to be used for the budgeting from the Organization Currency drop-down.
    Note: The default currency value will be USD.
  5. Decide how the actual cost will be calculated. If you want the Actual cost to be derived based on the effort entered on the To-Dos on the team level board workitems, then select Yes from the drop-down.
  6. If you select the above drop-down option as No, then select the SAFe® level (Program, Portfolio, or Solution) from which the actual cost will be derived. The cost calculation will be based on the cost relation of the workitems that you define in the Currency Conversion Grid.
  7. If you have decided to derive your actual cost based on To-Dos ( see the step 5 mentioned above), then enter the Dollar equivalent for 1 hour of effort in TODO. Based on that conversion rate,  hours entered for the To-Dos of various Team-level cards will be converted into the Dollar value and further rolled up to get the actual cost.

The next step would be to define the currency conversion factor for deriving the cost at the chosen level. To know more about it, see this Help page.

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