Each enterprise funds a SAFe® portfolio to support the development and management of a set of solutions, which further gets allocated to the individual value streams.

With the Lean Budget, you can define the budgeting mechanism at any of the SAFe® levels and also establish the cost relationship between the workitem types like Theme, Epic, Capability, Feature and so on.

If you choose the Team level as the base for aggregation, then based on the To-Do conversion factor defined by you in the Conversion Grid, the total actual cost will be rolled up and aggregated from bottom to top that is from To-Do to User Story, Feature, Capability, Epic and up to the Theme level.

In case you choose to define the actual cost calculation to be derived from the higher level like Portfolio or Solution, then you can set the conversion factor for Epic and Theme in the Conversion Grid.

Accessing the Currency Conversion Grid

The Currency Conversion Grid is available at the topmost level Work Board only.

To access this grid, click the Board Editor  from the side toolbar of the Work Board, and then click the  Currency Conversion Grid icon.

Managing the Currency Conversion Grid

The Currency Conversion Grid is in a tabular format. The columns represent various conversion factors where rows represent workitems and their per unit equivalence with other workitems and also the cost factor in USD or any other currency.

To work with the conversion grid, perform the following steps:

  1. To add the conversion factor of a workitem, click the Create   icon.
  2. Enter the measurement unit of the parent workitem in the ESTIMATION UOM column.
  3. The PARENT workitem is the read-only field. The availability of the workitems in the Conversion Grid depends on the different levels of Work Boards you have created in your SAFe® instance. For example, if you have created Portfolio and Solution board, then you will get the default workitems pertaining to those boards, such as Theme, Epic, Enabler Epic and Capability and so on in the Conversion Grid.
  4. The field next to the PARENT is the equivalent point of the CHILD workitem. For example,  you may define 1 Point as equal to 10 Points of Epic.
  5. The last two columns denote the conversion factor in Currency. You can enter per unit cost of a PARENT workitem in the chosen currency set on the Admin Policy page.
  6. To save the new conversion factor, click the Save button.
  7. To delete any conversion factor, select it and click the Delete button.

Once you complete defining the conversion factor, it’s time for you to plan your Lean Budget. Read here to know more about how to plan the budget for the ARTs or Teams.

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