SwiftEASe focuses on Visual Management. All work execution happens on Work Boards. All the term Work suggests value is created as work progresses on these Work Boards. The value stream is defined on these Work Boards. You can define Value Streams that align with SAFe® 5.0 that is compatible with 4.5 and 4.6 and SAFe® 4.0 recommendation using SwiftEASe templates OR you can configure value streams to suit your individual needs.

Each SAFe® instance is associated with a Top-level Work Board. Each Work Board corresponds to one or multiple SAFe® levels. So, one Work Board can correspond to the Portfolio level and another could combine Solution and Program Levels into one.

The first and the primary container of your SAFe® instance is the Work Board. Let us understand how to create a Work Board.

Note: You must have the Admin or Manager role at the Organization level to create a new board.

  1. Go to Organization > Boards, and click Create Board icon.
  2. On the Create New Board page, enter the Board name. Click the icon.
  3. Enter Board Description, Click the icon.
  4. Select the SAFe® level the board belongs to from the drop-down. Click the icon.
  5. Select the template from the available list. Click the icon.
  6. Select your parent board from the drop-down. Based on the SAFe® level that you have selected in step 4, the options for the parent board will be displayed.
    For example, if the board created by you is the Program level board, then you will get the list of all existing boards defined as Portfolio or Solution level board.
    Note: If the board that you created is the Portfolio, then select the “None-Top Level Board” option. This will set your board as the top level Board.
  7. Your SAFe® board is created with the value-stream as per the chosen template .
  8. You can also delete any of the Work Boards by selecting it and then clicking the Delete icon from the side toolbar. Remember, you can delete only one Board at a time.

Once you create the Work Board, it is time for you to add cards to it. Get to know more about creating cards from this Help page. 

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